How To Study And What Is Studying.

How To Study And What Not To.

Study Matters Than Reading

What Do You Understand The Word Study?

so seriously and in-depth case what actually you understand by the word study, the study

is not that hard thing to do and study is not an easy thing to learn also.

this matters I have written here is not somewhere from the google it's from my experience and

 the fact while I was a student and which is consistently the problem with the students till now.

 you know you spend a much longer time on studies, you spend hours of your time in studying and

remembering the paragraph of three to four lines. so do you call it to study?

every time your teachers and your elders say this to you, studying by heart. now, this does not mean

to take the answers as it is on the note. this means to remember the main points and to express it on

 your own understandings.

Confusion Between Study And Reading.

there is some difference between study and reading, the study is to read and understand in dept

 and to realize what it is and to overcome its solution when the question is raised.

 on the other hand, reading is related to just go from top to bottom without taking in mind for any

 solutions after, example if you read newspapers, stories you don't need any solutions.

 but when you study for example you take a problem and you search for the solutions it is studying,

as knowing why two chemicals react so vigorously when both are in one solution.

so, here you need to think and analyze and then need to answer them.

I know many of you just read rather than study because I too was on that stage before I realize this habit.

parents tell you to study and you just begin reading and parents feel you are studying, and the main

fact thing is when you study you won't make any noise.

because practically you will be solving the problems and trying to understand the actual point.

 this is studying.

 and another fact is that when you study you won't notice the time flow it just sweeps away fast, and

when you read you read more in less time.

How To Prepare for examination.

well, it is the easiest way of answering it by saying to spend your time studying, in fact, it's true but

just to make you ease and think simple in reality it differs so much, it is not as you will hear.

preparation for the exam is like jumping into the pit of broken glasses making yourself confident

 you will not get hurt by it.

so preparation for examinations in a better way with my rule.

firstly, this rule is only for the students for colleges, 10th, 12th board examination. whoever is going

to prepare for their exams.

while I was studying in school I was a middle-level student and I used to think that what extra does

 this first-grade students study to achieve the higher marks when studying the same book and in the

 same class.

 so after I again got in doubt why don't those students worry much for the exam as my condition

would be as my heart pumping to come out of my mouth and my brain ready to burst.

so I analyzed and found that what makes them different was the utilization of time, they are brisk

when it comes to studying, they always think for the future, they are self-aware, confident and focussed.

where the middle level and low-level students give their time on playing, useless chatting and

unfocused on their goal,

in fact, this is also true that those students even don't have goals mostly and only some of them

from the group differs to jump on to the first level students.

so it is not so fate thing to be the best student, you need to understand what exactly you need to do

and give your time wisely on every part of your needs, but much more on your studies according to

 your future career.

everyone studies, who don't study? but the way you are studying may vary, you may be

reading apart from studying, you may be studying without remembering.

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Correct Way Of Studying.

firstly, you must be very clear about what you are going to study, and why you want to study that

 particular subject and for what you are studying.

so, before you begin to open your book make your mindset, even before that rearrange your

surrounding to make you feel to study.

 now your mindset must be on one thing that is you are going to learn something and understand it in

a very simple way and for a long time.

so get ready to arrange your surroundings and make yourself a joy to study.

before opening your book in mind fix the chapter and topic you are going to cover and arise a lot of

questions in your head to clear up when you study.

making more doubts and questions in your mind makes your brain to know the answers to make

 your brain hungry.

if not write down your doubt in the paper and  do refer it when you start studying

while studying don't forget to write down whatever you know because practically brain can

 remember for a long time the things you have written.

try to remember the main points, spellings, and mainly its meaning of the word or sentences, if not

possible google it.

I forgot to mention that do not keep things that distract you when you are in focus.

take your time to study, do not try to mock up the things you study, make it simple in understanding

 and easy to remember.

if you prefer to do maths then remember the steps and the way to use the formula and how to apply

the formula.

take rest in between and ask yourself did I find my answers, is there any doubt regarding the topic

and the chapter.

be consistent and study on a regular basis, enjoy the way you study and feel great.

now to succeed in board exams.

you only need to do this simple thing, its this you need to study mainly maths and science every day

till the academic year morning and evening.

and the rest just in free time so in the two months of your preparation leave you just need to revise

 the maths and science and you can study other theory subjects at that time.

so you can have extra time to study other materials also.

and believe me you will have good marks and percentage at the end, but you must be serious and


additional tips for you do not study for marks and percentage better study for understanding and its

 application in real life and the real world.

you will be ever satisfied in life and have enormous enjoyment and feel more successful in life and

 with your studies.

just studying always does not make you good in studies so you must also make your brain fit for it.

so, on the other hand, you can just understand it as an exercise to your brain and your brain will not be stronger until and unless you provide good diet to it.

Good Diet To Your Brain.

you can consider your brain as a part of your body muscle, it only grows or improves if you give good diet and exercise well.

so what is good diet for your brain?

fruits like bananas, apple, grapes are good for your brain and the main supplement you should provide are the nuts.

coconuts, peanut, walnut, cashew, almond are the best nuts you can take for your brain health.

fishes contain omega fatty acids to function your brain smoothly take it and lastly lots of water or fruit juice.

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