Best Principle From Japan For Students.

Best Principle From Japan For Students.

Kaizen, way to improve your career. 

are you the best in the class or medium or the least? doesn't matter

what matter is that you have a desire to do something in the future and you are helpless.

so to continue this practice let me tell you that you must be silent and consistent.

keep your desire high and focus on the practice not only in studies but, in all your

day to day lifestyle.

and the principle is KAIZEN.

now do not panic about the word and its meaning is just simple CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

 are you ready to implement this principle in your studies? let me tell you about KaiZen

if you do have some doubt about the principle then just browse kaizen and its effect on multinational


number one is the Toyota company which stood ahead with the use of KaiZen principle.

now you might be thinking that how this principle works? so at the beginning of my suggestion, I said

you must be super silent and consistent on this, then only this principle will show its effect,

so are you ready? again I am telling you don't lose hope this may take time but believe me this will give you

your result at the end when you want it. so let's begin.

firstly find the main drawbacks in your studies, then from it just pick one small error which you can do solve

very easily and keep it consistent. ok, if you feel you are not getting what I mean then follow me

so today you will arrange a small area for study, you will keep it clean and arranged.

follow this rule every day you will study in the same place with neatly arranged, then the next step you will set a time

for studying, the first day you may begin studying just 10 min but seriously.

 and while you finish studying you will

leave the area cleaned and arranged, so doing this there will be a routine of discipline in your mind and,

your brain will act accordingly in a systematic and disciplined way, and your brain will be focused on studies

as it does no longer have any disturbance in and around you. now the main problem you may feel is the laziness to

open a book, no problem just do today, for 10 minutes and again tomorrow just 12 min slowly,

the other thing is you may fear to open the mathematics subject. ok no problem just open today for 10 minutes

and just solve the easiest sum you get, you solved and you get the solution, just two sums. ok then again leave it.

 do it tomorrow find the sum which is quite tough than you did today just one or two sums but you need to do it

blindfolded and without seeing the book

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now you might get difficult to remember the formulae and the steps ok no problem just begin and slowly in a very slow process

you keep on doing, believe me, you have made your mind in such condition that you can do anything applying this principle

just go slow step by step and small improvement, just improve one or two in a small period, believe me, you will be the genius of tomorrow.

Kaizen is itself slow improvement so, again I  am repeating you this, you must be always in improving yourself and your steps slowly.

and do not forget to be consistent, first you must swear yourself that you will implement the principle and you will also reduce the bad

habits slowly and improve good habits slowly, simultaneously.

also, the main point where you must really improve yourself is to reduce your time to hang out with friends and spend time playing over or excess and

implement that time in your studies. playing is very good for health but not so much keep time for it.

keep on doing the improvement in the areas you feel you are weak and worst, you will get your hard work result and hard work pays you at the end

and the most  beneficial thing is that you will be a disciplined person, its additional gift or reward to you and you will be a success in every area

because you will be using KaiZen whenever you feel you are getting worse.

my dear brother and sisters if you are reading this then don't just read, apply instantly from the same day.

let me tell you one thing that Bruce Lee said " knowing is not enough you must apply "  and also he said this too

" I don't feel fear if someone says he can kick 1000 various style but I fear if he can kick one kick in 1000 ways "

so I hope you got the point on what you need, and seriously start applying.

dear ones I will succeed if anyone of you gets success tomorrow, this is meczladz and it will always be.

and by the way, this is more important than anything in this world for the students, and that is you should

never study for the marks and the percentage, but you should study for the use of knowledge in life.

not only marks and the percentage you will achieve, but you will achieve a happy life.

study with your heart, with your passion, not for a job, not for fame, everything you will

get it tomorrow if you study for the value of education. you are tomorrows millionaire.

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