5 Very Important Computer Skills For Students .

 Very Important Computer Skills  For Students.

computer knowledge for students.

Do you have a computer? so are you utilizing it in a proper way?

Very well known computer as all the fact that the computer has changed the scenario of the current life and technology.

do you know how to use a computer and its purposes? mostly know computer in use of playing games or watching movies, using Facebook.

but do you know apart from this computer can be used in many forms? I think I don't need to explain this because everyone knows.

but many of them are unaware of the main important ways and its real uses in life to build up. so, it can convert your skills into money.

most of you may use your computer or laptop to play games or using facebook and youtube. but today let me take your attention on some other

most profitable ways to use a computer so that you can make money out of it and make your living or can make your own pocket expenses.

now, what do you think about the computer you have or how are you going to use it ? or in what form are you going to use your computer.

let me share one story about my time when I was first introduced to a computer. when I knew computer it was like oh my god!

I am not going to touch this computer it might get damaged if I touch it. and the floppy disc, if you imagine it as I do then surely you will know

exactly the situation and the way I used to think about it. the floppy disc was like a fragile thing for me I even did not shake it when it was given to me to

just hold and I used two hands so firmly I hold it as it can break if I shake it. that situation was very difficult for me to digest now.

so now you are born with the knowledge of computer. wow, congrats !! for your time.

let's move to the main points and it's benefit of what a computer can do.

 Microsoft Office 

so now Microsoft office is very essential in offices and personally, if you know how to use it you can

 do a lot more through the application.

basically, Microsoft is very essential for students who are studying in colleges and above 10th

 standard and this is very basic computer knowledge

you want to have in your life.

Microsoft has a very vast area which helps you in your career, it consists of ms word, ms office as so

 on and Microsoft helps you to edit your

resume to your presentation in your career so first, I recommend you to learn Microsoft office clearly

 and a bit wiser way.

because it has ms excel which has some formulas to know and it is also very important and exciting

too you can trace of any work progress or stats in graphical or in pie form and lot more.

if you want to know more you can start exploring it by yourself.

Typing Master,

 you are going to use your all fingers to type in the computer and in a faster way, and the qwerty 

the keyboard is uncomfortable to type.

if you are pinpointer, that means two-finger typist and it's not the correct way to do so.

in your computer, you practice typing master to type faster and easier and you can also a freelancer

typist to write an article or some other stuff you can earn through it.

Software Developer,

 this software is  in the form of codes and the codes are written by you with the help of software itself for example

c, java, python, c+ +, etc and you can develop your own applications using  such software, and you

 can earn money through it and you

can master in any codes and you can learn other codes and you can be data scientists and you can

 improve the software potential and lots and lots

there are no boundaries if you want to do something. and that you can learn with the use of a computer.

Animations, there is another world you can make through animation, your imaginations can be

expressed in the form of animation and you can

show that to the world. you can express your desires your talent in animation and you can grow with

it and you can earn money through it and some of the animation software is Maya, harmony, animate cc, poserpro, I clone.


engineers and scientists use application for designing a single product from structure to its

impact on its ability and its quality

but you also can learn to design in a particular field from electrical, mechanical, architecture and lot

more, and you can use this skill to make

money and the software are mech design, solid edge, CATIA, zw3d, Matlab.

well I have said many more things to you but do you know that the applications are all build

 through programming so it needs a computer to do.

it is hard to learn and you know the fact that the learning process is hard. but if you put your interest

 in it then you can learn it easily because of you

will be having eager to learn things.

Video and Audio Editing, you like to watch movies and listen to songs but do you know without

 the computer you would never enjoy such enjoying

songs and movies, for this you need some application like Audacity, Flimora, Visual effects, etc.

and through this also you can earn money, you may be wondering why I am repeating money at the

 end of every sentence because you know

money is one of the strongest tools to motivate a person so I am doing it the same to you.

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Photo Editing, 

you may see many actresses and models so pretty and beautiful in pictures and let me tell you

although they are pretty but without

editing they are incomplete so they need editing software like photoshop, adobe lightroom, luminar,

 ACD see, and lot more and if you learn such skills you can easily make money sitting

in your comfort and at your home.

Internet, you are aware of the internet and google you know that you are having the next world in it

and it is called the virtual world and with this you

can actually explore a lot more in a second faster than anything yo explore, you can share your

 knowledge, your ideas, your views on social media and

a lot more and you can gain access to know the information in around the world you want. you can

 also, learn from it as it is the second platform after

school to learn and know new things.

I hope you got many important tips to what you can do so you can do something out of something.

ok so far you have learned how to use your computer and something special tips I would like to provide here for the easy way to use your computer and also

in a faster way.

Shortcut keys.

Alt+F File menu options in current program.
Alt+E Edit options in the current program.
Alt+Tab Switch between open programs.
F1 View help information (F1 is used by almost every Windows program to display help).
F2 Rename a selected file.
F5 Refresh the current program window.
Ctrl+N Create a new or blank document in some software or open a new tab in most Internet browsers.
Ctrl+O Open a file in the current software.
Ctrl+A Select all text.
Ctrl+B Change selected text to be bold.
Ctrl+I Change selected text to be in italics.
Ctrl+U Change selected text to be underlined.
Ctrl+F Open find the window for current document or window.
Ctrl+S Save the current document file.
Ctrl+X Cut selected item.
Shift+Del Cut selected item.
Ctrl+C Copy selected item.
Ctrl+Ins Copy selected item
Ctrl+V Paste
Shift+Ins Paste
Ctrl+Y Redo the last action.
Ctrl+Z Undo last action.
Ctrl+K Insert hyperlink for the selected text.
Ctrl+P Print the current page or document.
Home Goes to the beginning of the current line.
Ctrl+Home Goes to beginning of the document.
End Goes to the end of the current line.
Ctrl+End Goes to end of the document.
Shift+Home Highlights from the current position to the beginning of a line.
Shift+End Highlights from the current position to end of the line.
Ctrl+Left arrow Moves one word to the left at a time.
Ctrl+Right arrow Moves one word to the right at a time.
Ctrl+Esc Opens the Start menu.
Ctrl+Shift+Esc Opens the Windows Task Manager.
Alt+F4 Close the currently active program.
Alt+Enter Open the properties for the selected item (file, folder, shortcut, etc.).

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