Don't Option Job Your Next Step After Degree.

Don't Option Job Your Next Step After Degree.

don't option job your next step after degree

The first and foremost very important thing to know before other kinds of stuff and that is to make your habit of reading books which will make your dream and your passion come true and give you more information and knowledge in your day to day life

read the books written by the great

 successful peoples.

I do a job and I am telling you

 this, don't option job your next step after degree. surprised? well, it's true don't choose a job on your

 next step. the job is described as just over broke by many great peoples and so, I would like to make

 you believe in it.

I know the primary value in your life and family is money and its true. but no don't fall to the job.

 I don't recommend this.

first of all, I recommend you educate on the basis of actually what you are going to do with your

studies and educated brain and where are you going to apply it in the future. this is a sentence for you

 to make you understand a lot more than a lot.

why do you keep dreaming of a good job? instead, it gives you a calculated same marginal salary.

why don't you think of something else, after graduation, it's not your time to earn money, its time to

build up your skills,

 actually, college days are the time to build up your skills but if you did not then you can do now. so

 forget about the salary, there are a lot more option in the world to earn money if you really want

to earn money.

actually, its the college time to build up your skills but don't worry it's not too late, you can start from

today and you can learn a lot more in a year or months.

                          Why  Did I Choose To Do  A  Job?

firstly, I am a person like you and I did my college and I wanted to do some great works according to

my studies as I have my own idea to why I complete my degree in a particular area, but here comes

the truth I didn't have any guidance to decide my next step.

I attended many seminars and open talks but I didn't understand what actually they were trying

 to convey me. and now I understood it lately.

I am such a late. and now I understood it was all about the skills learning. take my point if you are

a student now then try to learn and build some skills.

so now I don't have it all and I landed on to learning skills so I joined to a job and it sucks.

 oh! I hate the job, I wish I would have any skills so, I could do something out of it

and never landed on a job.

I live in a small room and I manage my living with what I earn and the amount of salary I get, it's

hard to live a life with it, just I am alive,

I even can't do savings nor enjoy nor buy some new stuff for I warn you please make sure

you utilize your college time wisely and make sure to learn some skills.

                            What You Can Do After Your Degree.

the job is for the ones who are loyal to their studies without any idea to apply it in real life

and dream about the job.

rest of them need to learn skills, ok let me tell you one thing. assume if everyone is going for police,

 doctor, pilot, army, teacher .. then I can surely say one time you will face a time where you will be

 struggling for food although you might have a lot of money.

because no one is ready to be a farmer. our society has built such a system that if engineer and doctor

 you will have a higher prestige so when you complete your degree in any field do not take it

valueless instead make something out of it.

 if you can make someones feel happy or you can make someone work easy and if you have an idea

to do so you no need to do a job.

learn as many skills you can because a drop by drop water if collected one time you will have a full

 bucket of water. just don't make a conclusion to a job, don't repeat the mistakes I have made

you will lose yourself and you will lose your creativity.

you will no longer be a person you will be a slave.

so my conclusion on the topic is that take time after the degree and see yourself, and then take a


                      What Are The Possible Ways To Live With No Job?

well if I say that the stray dogs are the perfect example for the topic do you agree? because you know

that they don't have any food source since they are happy and walk wiggling their tail in joy, so as

 compared to dogs we are humans we can do a lot more than them,

we have the most powerful thing with us and its the brain and if you use your brain perfectly and

successfully then you no need to worry about living.

if you don't agree with me you can search SadhGuru on youtube and hear what he says about it.

 whatever I said above is my opinion and it is relatively close to his words so I referred to his


you can start any small business and grow it, you can start relative to your studies and make

 possible in living, my one and own suggestion is to try to help people in the way they are having

 discomfort or problem and thus it begins your business.

I highly recommend being the businessmen as you all know that business gives you the profit.

or be the creator of any product by which you can make the peoples hard work to ease and convert it

 into your business. you can also do some training on the basis of your skills and make your business.

and if you don't have any idea about the job then don't worry you just need to step

 your first step and you will automatically able to walk with it. if you see in a positive way then you will

 see many opportunities but if you see in a negative way then you will find nowhere and you will

remain still.

the possible ways of living without a job are abundant in and around you, you just need to figure it out.

 as your and my angle of vision may vary and you may not see what I see and you may not want what

 I want. so it totally depends upon you.

                            Some Questions Regarding The Topic.

well, I will ask some questions and answer it wisely and maybe it may help you open up your brain

 and ideas.

so, why did you study? 

 why did you choose the field of study? and what can you do with it?

what did you learn from your studies? where can you apply it after all?

why was your decision to select the studies for a job or any other?

how can you ease people with your mode of study?

what is the best you can do with your learnings?

what are you going to do with your studies and how are you going to apply it on the earning.

what did you learn in your studies so you can change it to earn?

think the answer by heart and keep it with you but you must to true with your words and believe

 me if you got the answer you can start your work from the time to your answer and be your own boss

I just want to make you know that just focus on your passion and your ideas stick to it be honest and

don't worry about earning and huge money.

many cases in the world have shown that if you really work hard with your passion and honesty, your

 lifetime earning will be with you in a couple of months.

                           What To Do If You Want To Be Successful.

the most and important thing to keep in your mind is loyalty to whatever you do, keeping in mind

the important thing you must be dedicated to it, keep your focus up and in the target.

never doubt your ideas and be a hard worker, and you know one natural law is you don't need

 to be a hard worker if you are dedicated to what you do, it alternatively turns to be your passion.

and believe me whatever you do you love you never feel tired and you don't get the word hard work,

in fact, you don't feel any.

don't focus too high just make a simple target and keep moving on making another and another and

 in the end, you will reach the point where you didn't imagine to be.

don't get too motivated as it turns out to make you feel boring, you need it but at the correct time.

better try to applyit..

one great point from BRUCE LEE " knowing is not enough you must apply " so my suggestion is

just reading and sitting idle thinking is not enough you must do it in real life.

 calculations and profits are the last work to do but first, you need to learn how to apply and make the

 work successfully.

Read books and apply them on your day to day work to improve it. the more you read

the more knowledge you get and the more knowledge you get the more option

 you get to apply in your day to

day life and your business.

therefore I want you to be your own boss, the above words are written according to my current

 experience and also focussing on the many people in and around me, along with the words of great

 leaders as SadhGuru, Bruce Lee and many more whom I didn't mention here.

utilize your brain potential in fullest and feel the boss on you.

just make sure that why did you study for? job or for your own boss.

see you on the next side of the future tomorrow. As A Boss.

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