9 Proven Truth Of - Time Decides Your Future

9 most proven truth of your time decides your future.

9 proven truth of your time decides your future.
9 most proven truth of your time decides your future.

Hey, are you the person who

thinks that God has your destiny?

so if it is then I say you are in the

wrong track. my friend

 have a look,

 you were born safely consider

you are lucky with all the abilities

given by God, but the one who

 died at the time of birth or after some time they are unlucky.

 so destiny just lies there but in between whatever happens depends on our own.

now another thing if your destiny was written by the god then why your situation is as now? as you

know that we are the children of the lord but why are you and me like this? our situation, why did not

 we become like the millionaires, why do we have worries, why sadness in our life?

think the answer and keep your answer with you. now let's move on the main topic - so do you agree

 with me for once that your future is what you do now.

if you don't agree I have taken some proof for you to agree with me.

so, if you are a student and studying, but you are lazy then your laziness reflects on the day of your


I mean to say is that if you did spend your time wisely on the correct time you would not be feeling

sorrow at the time of result.

 if you have given just one hour for your studies the entire time till the exam day, how would it be?

another one for your future, consider you are now in the college and you enjoy a lot now, saying that

who knows what will happen tomorrow, whether you can see it or not and you enjoy so blindly.

and in fact it's true, but simultaneously who knows tomorrow maybe you can see it and what will

 happen with you? this is also true, isn't it?

well, you do not know tomorrow, and tomorrow doesn't know you. it is similar to the enemy with

 the enemy on the other side, but you must be prepared for it.

I am not interfering in your happy life, but just making you to also realize that time and tide wait for

none. and you should really prepare yourself whether you see tomorrow or not, and what it brings in

 front of you.


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now, consider you want to be the person the most renowned ones and if you just think and sit there

with you coffee taking the pleasant pleasure of breeze than you are not going to make your dream

 come true. so you see yourself in the future in such position but you aren't doing anything.

what do you expect in your future ? will you be the renowned ones? keep this answer with you.

now you all may have known the Thomas Elva edition who invented the bulb, so if he had just

 imagined and stayed there what would it be now? darkness.

so he did on time and the time he spends has its fruitful result now. where you and me enjoying

 technology because of him.

now, Aryabhata and Ramanujan one who invented zero and the one who knew the infinity, what if

these people just left it because of laziness or just not considering time? you and I would be in

the darkness I would never be here explaining you all about this and we would all live in despair.

you know very well the farmers if these people would not give their best on time, consider for now

 we would be starving to death and fighting for food.

just don't blindly live your life and make meaningless endings.

well, one most important thing to learn from nature about time is - if you do your best work for your

 crop at the correct time the most effective and profit return will nature give you in future.

so just to make it clear that we knowingly or unknowingly ignore the laws of nature which actually

 give us many successful and meaningful lessons

sincerely, I have this thought many times at the time of result. maybe it has been with you also if so

than cheers, we were once given the indication by nature in terms of time value.

you know that if your result would have been worse and you at the moment result in your hand feel

- " oh no if I would have studied at the time then dwelling somewhere else or fooling,

I would have a good result now" and then you think next time I will not repeat this and thus we forget

 the hard times we had and we can't keep persistent on our feeling and again we neglect time.

this was our real truth about us we neglect time again and again since now, I have been realizing you

that you need to maintain time but after my words, you will again do the same and won't value time.

just a word of promise to me from you, always wear the watch in your hand and as you see watch just

 then realize that you need to maintain your time for the fruitful future and also not to forget

enjoyment at the same time it really matters.

you know the great successful person in the world. please remind who you know? so you might

wonder how were they possible to be the one in all to be successful. and in my perspective view, I say

 they managed their time in a quality way.

 and hence got what really they deserve. so now you tell me are you going to learn such things or

after reading this article you just keep out of your mind the value of time.

dear reader you, I humbly request that please don't let my words go in the air, understand my words

 as I have suffered a lot. understand and right from the moment you finish reading

 my effective words you

 will keep your time to quality time.

well I have read and heard all the great leaders and successful person say that the most feared enemy

 is time and the most desirable friend is time, in its own perspective view if you use it wisely and act

 in the right time, it is your desirable friend, or else worst enemy in your life.

I hope many of you have traveled by flight and I guess everyone knows the strict followers of time for

 the departure of the flight. so why don't you look around you and understand what time is saying to

you in each and every angle you see and feel.

well, I didn't give you the very documented proof about the time, but I presented you the absence of

you with the nature and the communication between you and nature and also very minute areas by

which I do no longer need to present any proof document to make your eyes open.

still, you do not agree with the law of nature regarding time, just think about the morning brightness

 and evening darkness and the gap between darkness till morning sunshine.

so let's rise and move with time, time is everything. your present and your future.  time decides.

nothing is above all, it all depends on Time.

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