7 Great Ways To Know What Is Learning, How To Learn.

LEARNING HOW TO LEARN  - 7 Great Ways To Know What Learning, How To Learn. 

learning how to learn

yeah, you heard the right thing learning how to learn the basic thing in our life where we can change

our future based on what we want.

you all may be wondering that what actually am I conveying here? and maybe many of you are

confused with the topic and some may get a laugh by the topic but think deeply on the topic,


 learning and learn is two different stages wherein simple word you start and you move one step

ahead near to mastery.

so on the same topic, I would like to ask you one question is there are many cricketers and why is it

 so that only Sachin is termed as master blaster why? why not Dhoni or Virat?


 what is the reason, let me give you some other examples why in the whole world only some people

are known the most as Ramanujan, Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, etc.. because of only such people

 understood the principle of learning how to learn.

to make you agree with me guess how many students graduate in the current situation or stage lakhs

 and lakhs including you and me but did you and I have an extraordinary part in the whole


 no, we are all in the same track where all are running to get a job and this is because you and I didn't

 understand the principle of learning how to learn and no one taught about it to us.

well, for now, you may have one question in your mind about how?. I know this principle?.

well, it took a lot actually a year to understand this as I was analyzing why is it so we must study to

get a job.

and while doing so I came to know that the basic learning process was not taught to us and it has left

 far behind to us and that basic part was learning how to learn.


do you feel that the studies mean only to get the job ? is it just to swallow all the text and vomit on

 the paper in the examination and nothing else ? is it not more than that?

 I believe that if we do mastery in a particular part it is easy to get the job, then what is the education

for ? it is not for the job. it is, in fact, to explore the knowledge behind.

and pass it to the coming generation and sustain our environment with it and make it more useful in a

 good way.

now lets us focus on how we can understand learning how to learn.


ok let's begin the initial stage you do whenever you work what you think first? what comes to your

 mind? for example if I tell you to wash a dish so what comes to your mind.

maybe first you need to wet all the utensils and with the scrub, you apply soap and you wash with

 water. isn't it? but the thing I want to convey here is that you must observe all the small steps and its

 the reason so that what you do has a purpose.

 and here the purpose is why you wet all the dishes, why you apply soap with scrub and why is it to

 be the dishes to clean why?

well you may think what a silly point I am explaining but just don't give up I am actually trying to

 explain you in a simple way so you can understand what I want to give you the message.

so coming to the point the purpose is you need to have a reason to all whatever you do from wetting

the dishes and applying the soap and cleaning with water.

 and the reason are you need to wet the dishes so that you can apply soap on it and to clean all the oils

 and the stains soap is needed and to clean all the soap water is needed at the end for a fresh and clean

 dishes so you can cook other items without making it messy. got my point?

you must know all the reasons on small steps to know why you are doing it and if you do so you will

 master it easily and you will enjoy doing it whatever you do.

all the great leaders and legendary people did use this trick and they mastered in a particular area and

 got their name in history as legends.


if you are wondering how to apply these reason as the purpose in studies then here let me explain to

 you. you feel that mathematics is tough and you stay away from it as well as science but do you

 know that the maths and the science are the basic part of the living,

from the time you wake up, eat, sleep, play, everywhere. you have mathematics and science

surrounded by. now, why are you running away from it why don't you try to understand it and go

with it play with it enjoy it?

but to know how to enjoy you need to have a reason or purpose . and you may think how will I make

 reason for maths and science, well you must understand about the topic. what is it, why, and where it

is applied.

and this will trigger your brain to be curious about it and the next point is to apply the reason on small

 steps to why and what you are doing and why are you doing it. this is the point of learning how to


well, another thing why is there a dull and bright student in the class when both have the same brain

and is studying or learning the same lessons. why is it?


I have something to say about it. once in my class while I was a student in school one of my friend

used to fail in the subject every time and one day I was studying the same subject he used to fail and

 he came to me and asked and want to clear his doubt.

and I began to make him clear on my understanding and soon after he began to know what and where

 he was lagging on the subject, surprisingly he got cleared the next time.


so what I want to convey here is that no student is dull or bright it's just the lag in understanding

. some take time to understand and to come up fast you should have the reason and purpose of why

 you are studying it.

and all above said and explained are the part of my understanding till now and make the use of

learning how to learn and with all my knowledge I state on true of me,

that if the reason and purpose you find on what you are doing and want to do you will definitely get

the meaning and utilize learning how to learn and you too can come to the legendary part of your


learning how to learn is the basic part of all the work, and your destination, your future.  So learn it


Lastly, if you focus clearly on learning how to learn you may get close to


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