3 Reason Why Innovative Teaching Is Needed For Comming Generations.

 3 Reason Why Innovative Teaching Is Needed For Comming Generations.

innovative ways of teaching
innovative ways of teaching.

firstly I would like to ask you the difference between innovation and creativity. and I hope many of

you can differentiate it and for most of you who can't differentiate it. I will help you with my simple

 and easy explanation.

creativity - in a simple understanding it is to think or imagination of new ideas, methods, ways or

steps for a particular part for improvement or changes. hope now you understand.

innovation - in a simple understanding it is the way of implementation of those new methods, ideas,

ways or steps for a particular part of improvement.

so you may be thinking what is the reason for innovation in teaching? where till now the teaching has

 no problem and only the problem arise is with the students. students without a concentration in class

 create the teaching worst.

actually, I am here to speak in a particular subject where teaching matters as it is directly

 proportional to concentration to make you agree to understand me.

just recall your school days and your college days mostly engineering students what did you

 understand the concept of thermodynamics and mechanics of machines, and mostly its theories I

am confident that you were once got stuck by one-word equilibrium and also the law of pressure and


this is just a simple point to just make sure your class was too boring for you. it is because of the way

 the professors and lecturer delivered us in the class and we just sat listening instead of observing it


see if the subject is boring as history or the maths actually interesting, it came to end up as boring

subject why? not because you are dull but due to the lack of interest on the subject, and everything

 will be interesting if the brain is interested and brain can understand very easily if it is interested in

 the subject and its matter. everything related to boring and interesting is defined by the brain.

actually, the brain is the part of the body which must get the pleasure of learning as the brain is

always in the motive to learn new things to what it feels interesting too.

for example, take your smartphone, for now, what would it be if it was as old as   80s black and white

 you would probably not get too attracted to it as you are now. and why would that be? it is because

 of it would not be too interesting.

the brain is always in need of interesting things. again another example regarding the subject music

 and stories why do you love it so much and you like because it can give you the imagination on the

beginning as it starts with word story and music and it makes your brain wonder wow what next

would be.

so above examples are some points to make you agree to what I am saying and want to hear from me.


innovative ways of teaching
innovative teaching.

 so I did explain above the fact that the brain is needed to be interested in what you need to do. so if

 the teacher or the guru understand my concept then there would not be a single student lagging to

understand the subject and its matter.

many of us as students do not understand the subject like maths and science, in fact, you are not dull

but your brain does not find interesting on the subject delivered to the brain so it becomes a great wall

 on your brain.

teaching must be done with passion and in an interesting way so that the listener's mind would be

 cunning to know more and pleasurable regarding the subject do you agree with my point of view?

so teaching can be done like making physically active or mentally active and the first thing to make

brain interesting is to begin the subject very interesting way.

by beginning with wonder what the particular topic can do in the life of human being and in the

 society and in the way of technology to shape the future of our earth and living existence.

this will really make brain wonder and will be in a search to know more on the topic and the subject

 gets interesting.


well, the teaching from the olden days were done under this point the physical activeness.

the guru would actually give you the task on what you are interested at and you would do it yourself

 by examining it and to improve the task given for greater result and thus the physical activeness.

so when you get stuck on some point on the particular task given to you the mental activeness was to

 be implemented as guru would explain the reason behind it and give some suggestion to do it again

on his guidance.

here the mental activeness plays the role and when the task is completed the brain would actually

collect all the necessary information what it needed and the brain again acts more active regarding the

 task because it got the pleasure of learning.

in this way, the learning was much interesting and the people would actually master in the particular


but the sad truth of today's teaching is much boring than the olden days because we are only allowed

to sit and listen the entire 8 hours without any physical activeness. which practically effects our brain

 and raises the laziness and be fall asleep on the class.

I feel if I am interested in the subject and I am mentally and physically active I would not need any

 struggle on swallowing all the book as I would have much more information on a particular topic or

 the subject being mentally as well as physically active.


let me begin with an example here. in olden days it was very hard for the children to know the

alphabets as it was new to them. and they were not much interested in the part of writing.

and now the children of our generation do not need any guidance to use smartphones as the brain of

 the children are cunning to know actually what is it? and they actually find by their own way using

 every possible way that they can and they operate each and everything related to technology without

 teaching them.

so what far did you understand mental activeness. I hope the example of a baby was best for you to

know what physical and mental activeness play a role in teaching and simultaneously in learning.

I believe my brain or your brain has the same structure and working so, why do we differ in learning?

it is because as I have mentioned above that our brain must be very much interested in learning and it

must get the pleasure to know more. just an example in maths subject if you solve a problem and got

the exact answer you need just feel the days this happened to you how was your experience.

 see this is what the brain wants and just after that if the solution to another problem gets wrong we

 feel that why and what happened why wrong? and we get short tempered and give up but instead of

 that you try once more with a different method and you get success. your brain will be again on the

 same track to know and learn more.


for now, I would say that our education system has gone worse to worst. they only need good results.

 and don't want to produce a brain with wonders and possibilities.  why is this so because we made a

the cycle of the business of education. yearly more than thousands of lakhs of students graduate and for

what just job! . and I am too a victim to it.

in my suggestion when one student graduate let him make his brain work on what he is interested in

according to his studies if we do so no one would be the victim of unemployed,

 will be capable to do something new and great with full interest on the part we do and thus we would

 be rather happy than now and more satisfied in the field of work too.

so, in conclusion, I believe that the way of an education system is set must be changed and the

teaching way must also be changed to innovative ways.

and the above said is all with due my entire life till now on teaching I experienced as a student,

 the way I got my learning and I feel bad too as some of my friends who did not understand the teaching

 and were labeled to low-grade students as I see now that in fact,

 it wasn't their mistake. they didn't get what they wanted and were left back.

so I would be happy if you too have something to discuss on the topic and your views on how and

where can we change the teaching to innovative teaching.

please comment below and let us step to change.

my last question to whoever is reading and got my point, please feel happy for suggestions
on your own.

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