3 Best Ways To Get Engineering Jobs Even With Arrears. If You Like And Want One.

3 Best Ways To Get Engineering Jobs Even With Arrears. If You Like And Want One.

Tips to get engineering jobs
how to find an engineering job.

Now the first question before I share my words with you. WHY YOU CHOOSE ENGINEERING?


 answer it yourself.

your reason to choose the field. my personal opinion I choose to do some great and new but I

didn't have guidance and I have to live working in a job.

 but not for a long time as I have made my mind and I will live in the field of engineering but without

 the job.

besides the reason, I would like to say that 90% of you are because you want a good job, earn money

 and pride as an engineer.

so you are in your final year or completed and searching for a job. and frustrated with nothing in mind and searching.

its tougher than before to get a job, than passing the exams, but do not worry I am now to give you all

 some ideas on how to find a job.

basically, industries need a clear pass result but some may allow you with some arrear. the reason is

 the company needs workers not legendary in studies so what you think you are doing with your

 result it only helps the recruiter to classify you among the others in the interview as their needs will

 be a handful of person but we approach in dozens.

so the company takes it many filtrations which only not help the company to maintain a standard

worker, but also professional workers as engineers.

Firstly I will share what you need to be if you want a job. And I will share where to find a job and

 excellence to your job.

Initially, it is your college, make use of it and partially your school. In school, you may have been

given the chance to be a class monitor or just a popular student make use of it, it is the right time for

 developing an attitude.

In college our lecturer just makes us do notes, assignments just do it in a way you can make some

 (ME) the time which is your time.

Now it's a fun time when you have time just make sure you collect the current status of the

industrial world and in weekends after enjoyment make a note about your own projects based on

 current and future use in the industrial world.

Why a project for the job?

Tips to get engineering jobs
how to find an engineering job.

You know in the industrial world the management and engineer face many problems from time to

time and what you need to do is just pick one major problem from it and make a project which can

solve the problem.

 And by solving the status you may get a chance in the company.

If you do so and if you preprepare for such steps then you are the boss.

How to do it?

Firstly make a group with friends and make a good letter to the company and make sure to know

some points about the company and you make approach the hr or manager and state your team goal

about the company status and what project you want to do for it and for how long time.

 I mean to say is ask their problem in the organization and then make a project to solve it and make

sure not to mention for the job but for your project on the real status of industry problem-solving.

 and maybe if chance, they may hire most of you in return or plus points will be the success

the certificate you get may reflect good impression on your job interview.

Secondly, make proper use of your college project.


how to find an engineering job.

so above said are the small tips to get the job now the different ways to approach the job.

 firstly, I want to share what I did and which worked.

 at first, I consulted an engineer who was nearby my area and he said that to make an envelope

enclosed with all the required documents and resume then send it to the company address and if they

 have any vacancy they may make a call to me he insisted.

.andI made more than 50 envelopes and I send it through the post and one of my friend did too but it

didn't work for me but my friend got one and I hope it was the fate. and sure this method works too

but according to your fate.

secondly, I then started to search myself and approached door to door of the company and what I

 really hated at that time was the guard at the gate they do not allow to enter the company and many

places I missed and for your concern, I would say do not follow this method because you need to walk

 and walk and walk unless you get one but for some, it may work in the first attempt I did twice and


thirdly, I then started to give my resume to job portals online I did receive many calls but the calls

 were all fake and I don't believe to those portals I don't recommend you to do this I would personally

 recommend you to just make a reference to find a job through the portal you may know the job


the part I got success was I to don't know how . one evening I received a message regarding the job

 and the next day I made a call and he called me to the office and I went hoping it to be the real and

 wow, it was real I went into and made a conversation and they even made me appear for the exam

which was technical and I passed the exam and I got a job but in a contract. I mean this company

only focuses on quality based and I was sent to a work site where I am working, and this was a


my personal tips for you after I have knowledge according to the environment of the organization is

 that you are not going to be an engineer. you need to gain some experience and then only you get to

the post of engineering and the time period depends on your skills and learning.

so now let me show you the way where you can get a job and gain experience relevant to what you

have studied.

first, try to get a college placement.

if not success don't worry try sending the envelope process according to your fate you may get


if not yet success just upload your profile to the job portal and refer the job openings and if you are a

lucky person, then you may get one through this method.

after that process go door to door of the company leaving your cv and take their business cards

so after this, if it is not getting success to find a  job you should have any friends who have been

 working somewhere consult with them if their company has any vacancy so he may refer you in the


and the other method is in an MNC company huge manpower is needed and to fulfill they take in the

form of a contract so there are some companies who give a job in the form of contract.

 and to get the experience I say 90% you will get a job and after working there for some period you

 may move to another company to get a post of engineer.

now I will give you some of the companies who provide contract jobs.

the following are the names.




above are some companies which is in my company and it differs from company to
company so make a contact with friends in the company and ask them about the contract companies. 
so working in a company in a contract is not just as labor but its an opportunity for you as a platform

 to learn the job and also to gain experience. and these are the ways I know how to get a job and later

 on I will be in an update further.

and the most important and guaranteed path is if you have anyone of your family or friend of your

 father in the company you are lucky just ask them to help you and he may provide you the one.

so I will be in an update and I hope you got some tips on what and how you can get a job.

so, best of luck and comment in the box for any help or questions I definitely will help you. so met

you soon MECZLADZ.

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