10 Great Tips To Life Setting Employment,You Are Your Boss.

10  Great Tips To Life Setting Employment, You Are Your Boss.

Tips for life setting employment
journey to life setting employed

now if you are reading this, it means you are either a student or completed your studies and looking for a job, but this tips mostly works for the students but do not take a pause because I have added some points for you all too.

so this is all the points I have collected from the worlds successful persons and from my journey till now and it seems I too did some mistakes in my journey where no one was there for me and you are safe as I am there for you to realize your mistake and be safe from unemployed.

1.  make your vision before its too late.

 some great leaders have said that 'the person without vision should be perish'
 so when I heard this statement when I was unknown to its meaning I felt angry and said well it's our life and our wish,

then when I came to know its meaning and the time I knew its real part as why it was said I felt like woooow.... it is true. I too agree with the statement.

so, this means if you are living without vision is walking without destination and without reason so such intention person must not live, as this person so not contribute nothing to the society, family, and world.

so you must make purpose of your living and your life . in simple if you see, you can decide where and what you want and to do . and you can relate yourself to a stray dogs if you have no vision as the stray dogs have nothing in the streets just howling and barking all the time .

and the above point 1 is very important to implement other points as this is the main of all and please have a vision before its too late and make a strong move towards it and the vision must be wide and clear within from your heart and soul.

what is a vision? 

vision is a dream which won't let you sleep . in simple you dream to change something and you know what that simple change can do and you want it to happen whether you need to face serious situations so this is the vision.

it makes the purpose of your life.

example it may be worlds top businessmen, worlds best-renowned chef or great inventor.

2. do not fear failure.

when I was a child and I did make mistake I get scold from the parents or elders and this is the beginning of fear to fail, because I used to get support by mom and it made me feel that if I do wrong I will be in danger so I did not want to make any mistakes and I did not learn to overcome those mistakes and that made me have a fear to failure .

 you know failure is the pillar to success. now you may say how? I am not talking about school but it is relative too.

 now failure actually means make better or do better, when you fail . for example person who invented the bulb, the engine didn't they fail ?  of course they did and with that failure, we are now at luxurious life.

this gives the result if you utilize the proper meaning of failure, failure is not the end it is giving you a chance so you could make it better.

if you want to be the worlds most renowned chef than you get fail many times so it is your opportunity to improve yourself to set at that position and this is why it is said failure is the pillar to success.

and in school if you fail in a class it doesn't say you are not good at studies, it says try differently to the way you study and invest more time to it, you will not only get good marks but you will know how failure improved you.

and it is also said that if you fail many times on the same point then it's your habit of making a mistake and you are lazy to change the point to improve yourself.

so failure is a part or friend of success and without failure, there is no value to success, so do not fear with failure make a part to your journey so don't fear to failure.

3. see opportunities, not the conclusion.

many of us even me I said that there is no use of studies and we are not getting the job due to many educated people but I was wrong, more the educated people more the opportunity and many more hopes and directions.

now see how I made an opportunity rather than saying that I am going to be unemployed as this is the conclusion.

in this point I want to make sure you understand this, many years ago only farming was there and only some people could get educated because of many reasons and I would like to point one that is the education is very hard and they left it and choose to be farmer which is harder than the education.

so time went on and on and slowly more people got educated and now all are educated but unemployed because we choose to be the job seeker, not  the one to provide the job, now getting educated is to make us aware of everything around us and we forget in the race that we educated to change the regions which need to be changed with the help of our educated minds .

we study in various areas and do you know there are vast and infinite ways to make your own way in your region of study.

so, what I really want you to realize is that open up your minds, make your own way explore many opportunities are waiting ahead there is no end to exploring the more you explore the more opportunity. so try to make an opportunity wherever you explore.

4. be your own leader.

leadership is the toughest quality in person not everyone can have it but if you really can't move on others leadership better make yourself a leader.

 being own leader means that lead yourself in your own decision whether you suffer or you get good but lead yourself . for example if you want to be rich and it's your desire then lead yourself in such a command where your destiny lies.

leading yourself is an art which you can do from now you can implement small changes in your behavior and you can make a strong decision by yourself, leadership role can help you in your long run.

well schooling is the perfect place to practice your implementation, you can do many self and social experiments for your future and you can make many decisions and you can learn which decision made a success and you can also learn how to play a leadership role by making small groups.

 you can also try and learn the art of business from school itself small and good one. you can lead yourself for future since from schooling.

5. don't study for exam study for innovation. 

the school actually has many visions, why schools are there? why you always need to follow the time and rules because school really teaches you how to follow time and how to be punctual and the school also plays a vital role to society as from many family backgrounds the students come and there forms a community as a class.

 and you can learn how to deal in society and people, just train yourself school is a place to be trained your behavior and society in my opinion.

why not study for exams? think for a while if you study for an exam you will only keep the studied material for the exam and that's all, but if you study for innovation you will remember and can apply in your life and this matters.

if you study for innovation you do not need to work for someones but someone will work for you. understand everything you study not for the exam but to apply.

when you study you must have this in your mind " why". why are you studying that part, what it does and why? if these questions are in your mind you no need to mock up.

6. think big act accordingly. 

have you ever studied successful people stories they all have common one thing, they think big and act accordingly. I too have the same feeling and I am sharing this with everyone as possible but people forget it as they are busy in the rat race.

when you believe in yourself and think big you want to do and act accordingly you get it, for example when board exams come you act according to clear the exam and score good marks and you do it. similarly, when you think big and act accordingly you get what you want.

the richest person would not be the richest person if he did not think big and act accordingly.
the greatest invention would be in despair if the inventor did not think big and act accordingly and we would be in the stone age.

 so think big even when you are searching for a job or have a dream and act according to. I too did get my first job with this attitude and belief.

7. believe in your abilities 

most of us fall apart because we are misled by society or friends, I sometimes fail or do some unwanted stuff. but this doesn't mean I am a loser and there we lose the power of our ability.

do you know I wasn't the best in class and everyone made fun of me and I was always looking for a point to change this and thus I made a strong decision and acted with my abilities and I proved that I am not a loser.

 so my point is to believe in your abilities in every part either you study, play, dance, anything just push harder your abilities will unlock itself and you will be amazed and you will be proud to have such belief in your abilities.

8. learn from every single work and every day from the time we wake up from the bed start to learn something small but good and profitable . for example yoga, exercises, etc . there may be something great waiting for you so you must always learn.
all the great people and the powerful people have this in their mind, that first learn and you can eliminate the first letter and you can earn.

every single work teaches you something . life is about learning and implementation. don't stop learning keep learning, for example, learn etiquette. learn to dress up . just try to learn something daily and it will be helpful in the journey of your success.

9. try to change new behavior in you every day 

just being a great person is not enough, as being named diamond is not enough it must shine and also must be strong enough.

 so to balance your greatness you must have a good attitude and also behavior. this attitude and behavior can be implemented slowly from now from the way you speak to your family, friends, strangers.

it takes time to implement all those behavior and attitude in you so you must do it from now and so in future you must have a good attitude as well as a great person.

if you don't know how to do this then you can look the great peoples their smartness, way they act and on and on so you can develop in you. try it you can do as I too am doing till now.

10. be positive 

now this word positive is very powerful it can change things from the criminal to a good person, positive is a word which you must always have within.

let me tell you - I was in search of a job and it got me so hard at the time to get a job so I was like no, I will not succeed and really I was not getting success.

a couple of months passed and regularly I was looking and visiting places leaving my details everywhere and one day I sat at the terrace and I began to calculate the expenditure I spend in those months it nearly reached fifty thousand and I was like now its enough I can't get a job,

better I would invest that money in business I may have earned some money and suddenly I realize myself that just one more and I will get a job,

 there is someplace I know I belong as I too have blessings from my parents I will get one and just in a couple of days I received a call and here I am expressing the power of positivity.

 positivity is a power which has " you become what you think " so think wisely and always stay positive.

and lastly, best of luck for your success and hope success lies on you and be positive.

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