Proven Reason To Why We Choose A Job.

Proven Reason To Why We Choose A Job.

should I blame the education for the job and unemployment?  

Reason to choose job
thought for the future. 

Now the job is a part where you work for someone and you get your timely result as money

 and you need to actually wait for a whole 30 days after the person makes a profit and give you

 your timely bonded money as a salary. when no one knows whether you can be comfortable 

or not with the salary.

Why A Job Then?

the job is a situation where you may not have your own vision and move on others vision. 

you may have many dreams and desire so you want it instantly and which dragged you to a job.

you lag in the patience to slow achieve your dreams and let yourself to a command level, and

 this is why you are in a job or you may not have your own time to think about your future

 due to the busy life of enjoyment. am I not true?

well, the job is neither too bad actually it teaches you many lessons.

How You Feel In A Job?

 it is not a place to enjoy it is the worst world you will visit, everyone with their own

 responsibility and impressing boss for promotion or increment with work.

once you have joined a job then you may learn how to work, how you can actually value hard

 work and understand the true value of money and moreover the true of your inner strength

 of hardworking. 

you are actually very hardworking you unleash it unless you work under someone's


the job will realize the mistakes you made in your past time as I do now, and you may now

 make your vision to plan your life according to your choice, 

don't worry about your living because stray dogs are the perfect example for a living as they

 don't worry just they are happy since a puppy.

and therefore you are human and you have the greatest gift of all ' the brain ' utilize it.

How I Feel?

 at the beginning when I started doing my graduation I thought of becoming a good engineer

 and when I have a cunning desire to do something I did choose engineering. 

and I did it and completed with a good score and also it was very hard to get a job and I was 

hunting for it a couple of months, and after that, I got a job. 

I was happy and accepted to work and I began my duties it was fun at the starting and I said

 ok, I can do it, it's my core and I can be good at it. 

but time went on and a couple of months passed and then I got something in my mind. hey, 

are we just doing the same job and same work regularly in shifts? 

I said oh ! yeah I am like a robot now. I actually have a soul that wants to do new things and 

show to the world and I am unable to do so. 

my heart says get your bags ready and run away fulfill your desire and dreams about what

 you have thought? 

and I say just three more months I will get rid of it and I will do new startups whatever 

maybe I will be happy and satisfied with whatever I earn. 

 I am not a robot and I can't work like this. I can't live like this . and I am much desperate

 about our education system just filled my brain with job words. 

if you can't work under someone's supervision than the job is not for you just don't go. save 

yourself and do something which really satisfies you.

you can read the below tips 


Why A  Job?

why do you think it is necessary to do the job for a living or to fulfill your dreams and desire,

 well ' jack ma ' said if you give a monkey, 

money and some bananas then monkey chooses banana because it doesn't matter monkey

 with money as monkey do not know the value of money, 

which can buy more bananas but I am not stating here money is everything.

I will let you know at the end why I told you about jack ma speech.

 you started your schooling without knowing your desire and that's OK as you were a kid and

 you may not have not much information about life,

 but when you start your college make a purpose of your study because this is the part where

 you are going to start your life main steps,

 a piece of small advice please do not study for earning money better study for new things 

which may let money come to you.

you should set a goal, and to achieve it you should have a plan and to start planning you 

must do it now and make the purpose of your study.

you know the current situation of unemployment. even me and most of us dream of a job 

and as now I am doing a job and I am not happy and I am trying to make a change in my life

 I am trying from each of any angle to be self-reliance and so I want you not to regret as me 

after so start soon do something.

do you think the millionaire mostly did go to a job? no, they did their best did hard-work 

and believe in their work, so I too think why a job?

Your Job Expectation And Reality.

 when you go college and complete your degree and dream of a job where you will be 

working in such a way as a gentleman but in reality, you may do for a few weeks or days and

 suddenly your boss or higher authority shouts at you when you do a mistake,

 just a second your dream of reality turns to expectation.

never dream of a job I really mean it, better utilize what resources you have, example studies

 or your creativity. better be the one to give the job to the needy ones.

 also if you get into job try to get out of it as soon as possible because of the pressure and 

your valuable time is taken by the organization more than the salary you get and your family

 time is also matters not only the job.

The Enemy For Doing Job.

do you know in this time people are having many frustrations and demotivated and the 

enemy or the one who does that is The society, neighborhood?

so, damn to the society just kick them from your brain just believe in you and your desire 

and fulfill it in any condition.

 do what is needed to do just don't complete your study or degree for a job better be the one

 who can provide for the needy ones?

and I am too on this motive to do as I too don't want the coming generation to suffer from 

frustration but better take the steps easy to make your future and your desire safely and

 enjoy life in fullest.

secondly, are these two twins THE LAZY AND PLEASURE. I warn you before you are the

 prey to it, 
this too plays such a role as you feel lazy you come to chat or just spend time with friends 

chatting and here pleasure comes to you and you forget everything you need to do and thus

 you are at the trap of lazy and pleasure.

and the last thing jack ma said was if we give people a job and the business people choose 

the job 

people do not know that business makes a profit and I too have a plan to be self-reliance

 before 30. so what is your long-term plan?

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