How Easily To Choose A Stream And Exam Tips

how to choose a stream and exam tips

How to choose stream and exam tips
study to get the stream you want 
I am on my bed and just thinking about life, from the time I started schooling till my graduation. 

now I think about myself and ask a question. are you happy? and my heart with heavy voice what can you do now the system is as this. you study and you get a job. so I again recalled from the beginning. 

struggled to be good in studies and class . after that struggled to get what stream you want and at the end just go for a job just job!   an educated servant?.  

oh my god, how far did I come to be an educated servant!  

our education system believes that everyone can be anyone by our hard work but I warn you ! you can become legendary if you believe in your ability, now the choice is yours.

if categorized with animals like fish, elephant, monkey, rabbit, etc ... 
fish can live underwater but can't hold load elephant can hold load but can't survive underwater, the monkey can jump but can't dig a burrow like a rabbit. 

so, my point is it's you and only you with your ability. if you train for what you are not meant to be then surely you are in danger.

just take a look in the animal kingdom they are there with their own capability so it looks wonderful but were as compared to human we can be anyone if we want to be but,

simultaneously think if everyone is doctor or engineers then who will sell, drive, cook, fly, and some more stuff like this who will do the rest?. 

so, it is not necessary for you to hear what society gives you or talk about you.

 so, do choose your study stream wisely. 

everyone is capable of something. I meant your birth quality which relies upon you. feel it, see it, find it. 

now on studies.

 you know after 10th standard we are allowed to choose our stream of studies as arts, commerce, science, vocational, etc .....

 let me tell you none of the streams isn't less value, it's ranked by our worthless mind how much money we can earn. but if you do with your passion you will earn way more than you imagine. if you have earning mindset.

the first point to remember do not study for earning money if you do so then you are definitely going to suffer from frustration in the future.

so study with your own ability and do something valuable with passion you will earn money, you will live happy, and prosperous.

and the other reason do not study for name and fame, do the study with passion you will earn fame and name as a result but do what you want to do with passion. 

so lets come to the study and stream part. 

firstly at your final year of 10th. 

visualize what you like the most, what you want to be and why? . not your hobby. 

as you really want to do something great to for example - cooking - be the most renowned chef or an actor or engineer or scientist but after going in depth of the field you choose 

 you must be as affectionate as you were at the beginning rather than getting fed up, but sometimes ups and down comes and you must be ready to face it.

so if you are not good at math, science, and can't understand anything then this is not for you and just try one harder and you succeed and you love it then you can take it as your stream.

but rarely people really want to be an engineer and scientist or doctors in such case you must give your full time in the math and science papers. 

you can become what you want but you must have a thirst about the profession and you want to do new invention in that part and if you have these qualities you can choose science as your stream or other streams. 

 you must have a vision before going to colleges or university and what you really want to do in that part. 

 HOW  to prepare for the examination. 

if you want to be a grade student than prepare along with the idea, whether you choose science or arts after it and the result will really make a good impression in your future, 

for the ones who just want to get passed, but before taking this decision take you vision what are you going to do in the future? 

 if you are moving without any future plan than it is sure you are going to suffer in the future, so make your vision. 

for the students who want to take science stream than work hard on the subject more and other too but compared to the subject take less because in future you are going to need the concepts what you study now.

 for the note to you' study with the concept,' this means that understand the working of formula and its steps because each formula has an explanation and if you don't know about it just google it you are good to go. 

and the ones who do not want to take science as their major studies just take a deep breathe and prepare the science as for passing and apart from science work hard because you are going to need it in future studies. 

one thing for sure if you understand what I am saying and what I told and you do according to it you can stay happy and one main point never choose the stream accordingly to your percentage but choose according to your heart and will and your passion, follow your heart and your passion, you will achieve your dreams .

success is only taken with great pride when you get it with your passion. believe in what you can do and what extent you can push your ability.

and if you learn anything willingly and truly you will learn fast and understand it better than learned forcefully. its my experience of my life and the mistakes i did make in my life . 

don't worry for the limit of the time approaching to the exam just take a deep breath and sit for study willingly and with the passion to achieve your dream, you can even prepare at the end of time for your exam if you utilize the time properly and wisely. 

make a schedule and invest your time to it and do it with understanding and always say ' yes, I am the best. I can do it ' and do it what you want to do. I promise you are going to be successful. 

but never delay your time and use the time wisely. one thing for sure prevention is better than cure. so prepare before its too late, don't fall in the lap of laziness, besides rise and shine. 

fulfill your dream and save your parents valuable smile . all the best from meczladz hope to hear from you. 

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 here i have described about why and how you come to decide for a job and how you feel doing the job . 

tips for exam preparation - 

  1. be positive. 
  2. give yourself enough time to study. 
  3. organize your study space so you feel like to study. 
  4. use flowcharts and diagrams for better understanding.
  5. practice on old exams 
  6. explain your answer to others.
  7. organize a group study with friends.
  8. take a regular break.
  9. snacks on brain foods and fruits.
  10. plan your exam day. 
  11. drink plenty of water.
  12. set study goals.
  13. turn lessons into stories.
  14. consult teachers and seniors.
  15. establish a study routine. 

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